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Who are: AngelRevolutions
Driven to design a better world: AngelRevolutions are a small team who's driving force is to make the world a better place for people everywhere by preserving the best and relentlessly improving. We love great design and the impact it can make and relish every opportunity to play our part in that. 

Our chosen media are the latest technologies: Mobile, Cloud Services and Social Media. Our multi skilled team combine the best and push the boundaries of the possible with resulting patents and awards granted in the UK, USA and around the world.

Barry E James

Founder & CEO at AngelRevolutions

  • Visionary innovator and veteran futurologist
  • Award winning systems architect and designer
  • Granted tech patents in the UK, USA and internationally
  • Architect and designer of several innovative cloud (SaaS) services
  • Writer, speaker and acknowledged thought leader

An award winning innovator with technology patents granted in the UK and internationally Barry is a visionary, serial entrepreneur, systems architect and designer with over 30 years commercial experience in sectors ranging from banking and telecommunications to health and the UK's NHS - pioneering electronic messaging for Family Doctors (GPs) and laboratories, challenging and setting new standards through the 1990s.

The messaging system he created in 1992, which quickly became a de-facto standard for the NHS, remains the first documented example of what came to be known as 'middleware' directly challenging the then orthodoxy - an architecture later adopted by Microsoft for key products.

Already an accomplished and inspiring conference speaker, from 1998 he created and chaired a leading conference supporting innovators, while also writing a monthly column for a leading tech journal.

Catalysing and leading a small group of tech-savvy GPs in 1999 an appearance on BBC's Newsnight brought about a (literally) overnight shift in government policy (away from the tech-fashionable and costly X.400 email system) forcing early adoption of Internet technologies.  

After a period researching and working on storage architectures including the virtualisation of machines and other systems onto USB devices (known as TakeWare) for which Patents were granted in the UK, USA and internationally in 2010 he co-authored a ground-breaking report for the UK's Information Commissioner on information security - or the lack of it - in the UKs SME sector, which was well received (just before being buried due to the impending general election).

Paradoxically it was this research (including into the psychology and decision making processes in both the corporate and SME sector as well as consumers) that convinced him that despite the systemic privacy and security issues he highlighted in the report that the practical advantages and regulatory issues were such that Cloud Computing would become the norm anyway.

This combined with a trade mission supported revisit to Palo Alto in Silicon Valley (which he now regards as his 'spiritual home') inspired the launch of a raft of innovative Cloud solutions including AngelPages, PageMagix, SecureCashRegister (breakthrough eCommerce technology designed to cut a swathe through the cost and complexity making it possible for companies of any size to accept electronic payments online and by phone) Captiv8kit and ExpoBuilder.

Later in 2010 he created the trailblazing MoreSales Social Media Programme launched early in 2011 in collaboration with Sheffield Chamber of Commerce supporting over 100 SMEs within the region in it's first year and providing a research base via innovation workshops.

In May of 2011 AngelRevolutions launched the world's first in-Facebook business Expo - in collaboration with the parallel event at the North East London Business Expo, leading to the first 365WeddingFayre in November - with more digital co-marketing projects in the pipeline.

Research during the second half of 2011 also led to the creation of the ground-breaking ViralSpiral social-media marketing system bringing a systematic, professional, controllable and measured approach to what is typically still regarded (and most often sold) as a 'black art'.

At the forefront of efforts to 'Professionalise' Social Media Marketing Barry launched a new professionals-only LinkedIn group for Social Media and other professional marketers late 2011. 

He is working on a forthcoming book: "Who Shot Facebook's Founder?" which unwraps the enigma of Social Media, tracing it's true meaning from it's origins through one of the world's biggest ever IPOs, into 'the next wave' and beyond. 

He’s on LinkedIn here.

Kay Klug
Social Media Manager

Making Social Media work Professionally for Businesses by offering various levels of support for Clients. From fully 'done for you', to active Coaching and Training on an Adhoc basis.

Specialities include :

Social Media Strategy,
Capturing Business Footfall to grow a marketing pool for B2C clients
Social Media Creation and Polishing of Profiles, making them work for your business,
Facebook Landing Pages / Sites including Fangate Offers,
Mobile Phone 'Fangating'
Social Media Marketing including Facebook Advertising,
Social Media Support and Coaching.

Just ask if you have any questions!

Big No No's
No smoke and mirrors, hype or false 'viral - tomorrow' promises.
We are here to support and grow your business using Social Media in a effective and manageable way.

Jonathan B James
Web Systems Designer and Developer

Jonathan James is a little shy and retiring and one of the most talented young web service programmers and designers anywhere. Those two things may be related but they certainly mean that he’s far from comfortable being described thus – which is why this entry has been written about rather than by him.

With surprising long experience in graphic, print and web design he is now also the veteran, co-creator and principle developer of no less than six groundbreaking cloud services and the tech backbone of AngelRevolutions.

Despite the similarity in surname he is unrelated to the founder – except by DNA.

Barry James
Social Media Strategist and
The AngelRevolutions Team are also part of a social enterprise called The Social Foundation.

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