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Our Technologies & What we can do for you

Captiv8 www.captiv8kit.com
Our Captiv8 technology enables your business to capture footfall and exploit social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and especially Facebook) to grow it and get it back as leads, bookings, prospects and increased footfall. We'll do it for you, or show you how. 
  The Mobile Revolution
We create Mobile Apps to keep your users engaged and coming back and Mobile sites so you don't miss out on business. Just Ask!
ViralSpiral employs Captiv8 together with the other key mobile and Facebook techniques we've developed and proved to create a reliable, controllable marketing machine that can be used again and again to generate new prospects (local or otherwise) and leads / footfall on-demand.
AngelPages / PageMagix www.angelpages.biz | www.pagemagix.com
AngelPages for Businesses and PageMagix for digital agencies We will create a brand promoting landing-page or a whole lead generating site within Facebook (or anywhere else) for you - or you can DIY with Drag&Drop.
TradeTill www.tradetill.com
TradeTill We make it impossibly easy to request and take payments, deposits, collect on invoices - inside Facebook or out. Even by phone and without a website. 
Our small but insanely talented team span four decades and include one of the most talented young designers and web programmers in the UK as well as over thirty years of experience at the leading edge of making technology useful - and transformational - to real businesses who have better things to do than mess with the technology. This allows us to create leading edge cloud services in-house - for our clients and ourselves, as  well as continually refine and perfect our offerings.

If you need more... ...Just Ask!
Social Media is very different to website design and traditional marketing. It's about people not just technology.

We are specialists who understand the media and technology inside out but go beyond that to develop and create techniques and strategy to accelerate your marketing by raising and renewing interest in you, your products and services, week-in week-out. Creating and growing a pool or people and goodwill that becomes you most effective marketing tool.

We can...
Help you understand social media and how to use it to grow your business
Help you refine your objectives and devise for you a set of strategies to meet them
Help you deliver on that strategy and/or train you and your staff to do so
Provide all the tools you need to ensure that you get and stay ahead of the competition


What We Offer

If you need
  • To find the people interested in what you offer
  • To raise their interest in your business and keep them coming back
  • To gain their trust and turn them into customers at the point they're ready to buy
  • To keep them coming back for more through the door and on your website
  • To reach out to their friends who are also likely to become customers

We can show you how or do this for you.



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